It’s over now

It’s over now

The sluice gates were opened wide

Filling the river with tears that I cried

You hovered for a while

Not wanting to leave me like this

So you turned and gave me a final kiss

Still you keep coming back

In my thoughts, and into my dreams

Your face, reflected in the sun beams

Though it’s over now

There’s a special place for you in my heart

Even though we’ll now and forever be apart

The music  will still linger on

It is the language of our souls

It permeates far beyond our controls

I’m so glad that I had this dance with you.


19 thoughts on “It’s over now

  1. Even when a loss is final, our hearts don’t stop loving. This took me back in time to when I had to put my first dog down–the tears, the hovering, the final kiss, the dreams, seeing her everywhere in everything, and not regretting a minute of it. The last line was especially poignant: “I’m so glad that I had this dance with you.” 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment Joan. I love how you see the resonance. Yes, this can apply to various relationships including pets.I have a friend who seriously grieved over the death of her Dalmations since they were her children. I’ve had various relationships which ended for one reason or another and some still do enjoy a special place in my heart because of the richness of those relationships and the associated memories.
      On another note though, the picture I used is of our local dam where the sluice gates have had to be opened due to the continuous rain we’ve had. Though cars have been swimming all off the roads, this has thankfully ended a severe drought we’ve been having. 😊

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    1. Hahaha! Easier said than done as we’ve agreed before. But you know sometimes that you are reminded of days gone by. I’ve seen it in your recounts of your U.S. days. On the other hand, I also believe in looking forward! We are ever the dreamers huh!

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      1. In principle agreements but still need to dot the eyes and cross the Ts. Nevertheless, I have other work keeping me busy. You know how I want to travel so that’s what I’m looking forward to as part from work I’ll be doing. I guess everything happens in its time. I will miss some of the free time I’ve been enjoying though. Thank you for the good wishes.

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