You did not settle

In violent hours

Fending off pelting showers

You did not settle

You surfed the wave

Climbed the towering tree

You did not settle

In smoke-filled rooms

Care-less days and lonely nights

You did not settle

You carried with strength

The heavy load of a child

You did not settle

In unequal worlds

Victim of indignity

You did not settle

Colors have changed

But Black and White remain

Why should you settle?

Heroes have risen and fallen

Because they would not settle.


Freedom’s rain

Free in her season

A promiscuous lover

We each have our turn

Generous to some

Doling out liberation

Moisture for their yield

When she comes too late

We lay victims in her wake

Floods on parched land

Bloody waters run

Where umbrellas are raised

A reign over rain

We pray on this day

For equal distribution

Of similar rain

Let Freedom reign

Showering abundantly

On us equally