Looking ahead…

The roaming river
Is now a pond, tomorrow
Is deserting us 

The fortress


Walls so high to protect me

Even from myself

Deep in the basement

In cobwebs behind a door

Is the hiding place

Of secrets that are

Shrouded behind a dark veil

I dare not expose

Even to myself

Shielding me from destruction

If it is revealed

The fragile essence

Of guarded imperfections

You will never see

They are pounding now

On the doors to be released

To help set me free

I am not alone

I see it so clearly now

Your lock and your key

Let us take the steps

Find that hidden place of fear

Torment and sorrow

The war is over

Time has come to surrender

And break down the walls

Freed from the fortress

Fresh winds of change

I heard their silence

in the winds of discontent,

echoes joining in

the growing chorus.

Hoarse coughs and splutters,

cleared blocked passages.

Throttled resonance

found strange bedfellows.

Aching moans and groans

rose in harmonious howls.

Dissenting voices

rising in the air,

leaving trails of dust

on the graves of buried bones.

New songs composed

for fresh winds of change.

I heard those voices,

recognizing yours and mine-

no longer silent

in the breaking dawn.

Freedom’s rain

Free in her season

A promiscuous lover

We each have our turn

Generous to some

Doling out liberation

Moisture for their yield

When she comes too late

We lay victims in her wake

Floods on parched land

Bloody waters run

Where umbrellas are raised

A reign over rain

We pray on this day

For equal distribution

Of similar rain

Let Freedom reign

Showering abundantly

On us equally

Day 11 of the Poet’s Billow challenge: Through the window

In this challenge we had to study an audio rendition of a a foreign language poem and try to replicate its tone and mood . I used a poem written in Czech by Miroslav Holub.


Fog surrounds me

scowling, smothering and dense

stifling, suspended haze over space,

then suddenly, it lifts, it dawns on me!

A recognition,admission,

of what I’ve seen and heard everyday.

Flashing, racing, sprinting, mounting-

memories, conversations, revelations

that we’ve shared.

They come together as the mist disappears.

This is what we’ve wanted all along.

A taste of freedom.

Starting over

It’s like the tease of the first spring rain,
permeating the air. Trying hard to contain
the anticipation,  sigh of relief, pressure valve release,
As her fragrance latches onto the wafting breeze.

That wonderful feeling of walking away!
A muted sense of peace at the end of the day,
not looking back, liberated from steel chains.
Revving up the engine, is all that remains.

As the sun gives her blessings to close the day,
Night time whispers a promise as you bow to pray.
When  dawn ushers in a burgeoning sunrise,
you are certain to receive a gift-wrapped surprise.

So much lighter now, without the  cumbersome baggage
of the sugar-coated smiles, disguised barbed words to ravage.
Retreating unholy thoughts, forgotten anger to replace
With a wild surrender to magnanimous freedom in space!