Love is in the air

The winter too long

Branches too bare

Shadows too solemn

The air too bleak

And then you hovered

A promising blush

Soft and beguiling

Melting the snow

You warmed my heart

Quickened my pulse

Exhaled my breath

Clouded my judgement

I have fallen for you!


It’s over now

It’s over now

The sluice gates were opened wide

Filling the river with tears that I cried

You hovered for a while

Not wanting to leave me like this

So you turned and gave me a final kiss

Still you keep coming back

In my thoughts, and into my dreams

Your face, reflected in the sun beams

Though it’s over now

There’s a special place for you in my heart

Even though we’ll now and forever be apart

The music  will still linger on

It is the language of our souls

It permeates far beyond our controls

I’m so glad that I had this dance with you.

From your pen

Silky smooth and slick

Lines of vivid expression

Seduced every page

Ink, dark and fluid

Dripped with blood from your heart

Fine calligraphy

With pregnant pauses

Emphasizing boundless love

Nursing every sheet

With delicate care

Loving words everywhere

The book now complete

Your pen has run dry

A scratchy erratic scrawl

Nothing more to give

The pages yellow

In a book rarely opened

Of a love gone cold

Freedom’s rain

Free in her season

A promiscuous lover

We each have our turn

Generous to some

Doling out liberation

Moisture for their yield

When she comes too late

We lay victims in her wake

Floods on parched land

Bloody waters run

Where umbrellas are raised

A reign over rain

We pray on this day

For equal distribution

Of similar rain

Let Freedom reign

Showering abundantly

On us equally

New Rain

Soaked by the rain

Of your tantalizing words

Floating in the air

Drenching wet kisses

On my lips, all over me

Your breath in each drop

Little did I know

The rain had become a flood

So strong the allure

Deceptive drizzle

Driven by tumescent winds

Pelting everywhere

The taste of new rain

Freshly fallen, final gush

A verse now complete

Until the next rain…

In search of meaning

Sometimes I am ravenous

in my search for the right word

to satisfy my hunger

fulfill my craving

Some words wet my appetite

others promise a tasty treat

to savor and linger longer

between each serving

But sometimes the words-

are served in a bowl of trifle

layered, elaborate concoctions

that addle my brain

In the end I will settle

for the words that are familiar

clear and concise, flavored

with just a pinch of the exotic

Still I remain ambitious

to become a connoisseur

of the finest delectable cuisine

but for now, I’d like them digestable

Those epicurean morsels of words…

Moving to the slow lane

Oh the feel of those fast cars!

so long and shining-sleek,

those soft and smooth…

tight leather seats- laps

behind the power-steering.

Let’s not talk about the torque-

just watch me as I take off…

silver rims rolling in reverse-

perverse to ride with such speed,

not to mention the ultra-sound.

Racing like it was a marathon,

I’ve got to break the habit…

set up my cruise control,

got to act more responsible.

Fleeting pleasure-

not the measure of who I am.

Too many speeding tickets,

it’s no longer fun.

So I’m taking it nice and slow

Which one – wouldn’t you like to know?

I’ll stay with the automatic.

Settling down in the slow lane

More than enough

Just to have loved you

For a lingering while

That is more than enough.

Just that fleeting sojourn

We shared on a forest path

Gave life new meaning

That I needed from you.

Do you remember,

the day that we first met?

The sun steadily drizzling

Through fluttering leaves,

The riotous orchestra

Of harmonious birdsong

As we fell into step.

By your side, nothing to hide

In sheer naked splendour

Our true selves laid bare

Your voice was so gentle

As you took my hand in yours

Guided and sheltered me

From a jungle of thorns.

You gazed deep into my eyes,

Took me back to a place

Where we’d been together

In a distant time and place.

When we reached the river

And your lips touched mine

I heard the rush and the trickle

Of ages gone by, where

This precious moment

Was reminiscent of travels

In Oblivion’s  past.

This was no dress rehearsal

But the real opening act

Of a mysterious drama

Based on historical fact.

So in this moment

of perilous ecstasy

Tranquility found me

And I know for certain

That no other love

Could ever leave me

Feeling quite like this!