15 thoughts on “Utterly floored

    1. ha!ha! You can read the poem in any way you like, let your imagination take you wherever you want to go. Personally, I like happy endings but what that means can be very much up to the reader:-)

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      1. I forgot to mention in my Smiley Blog award that I like comedy. My favorite comedian is our own Trevor Noah and part of the appeal of comedy is the play on words and the quick wit – so pardon me:-)

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      2. I saw one Trevor Noah show on youtube when he performed in the UK, making fun of how the Brits “invited” themselves to S Africa, India, etc and met the natives…
        Absolutely with you on the wit/puns – helps defuse a dicey situation

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      3. Oh he is hilarious to get us all laughing at ourselves. They had re-runs on TV the whole of last week and had us in stitches. Don’t know if you follow our current affairs at all -it certainly makes for good material.

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