Utterly floored

Each word

stripped the layers

like clothes


to the floor

they just lay there-

carelessly strewn

silence did the rest


15 thoughts on “Utterly floored

    1. ha!ha! You can read the poem in any way you like, let your imagination take you wherever you want to go. Personally, I like happy endings but what that means can be very much up to the reader:-)

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      1. I forgot to mention in my Smiley Blog award that I like comedy. My favorite comedian is our own Trevor Noah and part of the appeal of comedy is the play on words and the quick wit – so pardon me:-)

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      2. I saw one Trevor Noah show on youtube when he performed in the UK, making fun of how the Brits “invited” themselves to S Africa, India, etc and met the natives…
        Absolutely with you on the wit/puns – helps defuse a dicey situation

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      3. Oh he is hilarious to get us all laughing at ourselves. They had re-runs on TV the whole of last week and had us in stitches. Don’t know if you follow our current affairs at all -it certainly makes for good material.

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      4. I believe you allright and I’m very interested in world affairs, but between our local pack of jokers and Mr Trump, I think get my fill. Zuma and the Guptas can wait another day!

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