From your pen

Silky smooth and slick

Lines of vivid expression

Seduced every page

Ink, dark and fluid

Dripped with blood from your heart

Fine calligraphy

With pregnant pauses

Emphasizing boundless love

Nursing every sheet

With delicate care

Loving words everywhere

The book now complete

Your pen has run dry

A scratchy erratic scrawl

Nothing more to give

The pages yellow

In a book rarely opened

Of a love gone cold


New Rain

Soaked by the rain

Of your tantalizing words

Floating in the air

Drenching wet kisses

On my lips, all over me

Your breath in each drop

Little did I know

The rain had become a flood

So strong the allure

Deceptive drizzle

Driven by tumescent winds

Pelting everywhere

The taste of new rain

Freshly fallen, final gush

A verse now complete

Until the next rain…

Moving to the slow lane

Oh the feel of those fast cars!

so long and shining-sleek,

those soft and smooth…

tight leather seats- laps

behind the power-steering.

Let’s not talk about the torque-

just watch me as I take off…

silver rims rolling in reverse-

perverse to ride with such speed,

not to mention the ultra-sound.

Racing like it was a marathon,

I’ve got to break the habit…

set up my cruise control,

got to act more responsible.

Fleeting pleasure-

not the measure of who I am.

Too many speeding tickets,

it’s no longer fun.

So I’m taking it nice and slow

Which one – wouldn’t you like to know?

I’ll stay with the automatic.

Settling down in the slow lane

Day 24-Poet’s Billow challenge: I apologize…

Very aptly so – this challenge asks us to write a poem of apology.

I’m so sorry for being impolite-

for not eating all you dished out,

especially the decadent humble pie,

served frozen-cold on a paper plate.

I regret that you felt so shadowed-

when I stood up to my full height.

It was not ever my intention

to make you feel so infinitismal!

I’m ashamed of my awful behavior-

for trying to soothe and placate you,

when you were frothing at the mouth-

your rage- spluttering shamelessly out!

Oh how I must unreservedly repent-

for standing in your pathway,

blocking out your rose-colored view,

if only you could and would have seen it!

Above all I am  mournful as I weep-

when I think of the disassembling souls,

convulsively, trembling and shuddering,

when your tornado spirals violently in.

Day 20- The Poet’s Billow Challenge: To blog or not to blog

Today, write an abecederian poem. It’s when the first letter of each line follows the order of the alphabet. So, the first line starts with A, the second with B, the third with C, etc. In the end you should have a 26-line poem.

A mounting disquiet all around

Blogging is slowly taking over

Concern that they’re losing me

Don’t spend enough time with them

Even when I’m there, I am not quite

Forever thinking of what next to write

Generous with my time over this

How can I justify to family and friends?

I feel inordinately fulfilled when I write

Joy in reaching all corners of the world

Kindred spirits hold me captive in words

Love discovered in rhythm and rhyme

My soul finds a new form of expression

New understanding of who I truly am

Offers me so many insights into life

Perhaps even realization of my dream

Question is how do I balance my time

Remembering  my  responsibilities and

Socialising in the real world. I still need

To prioritise time for everyone in my life

Understanding all of this, I still have space, a

Vacuum that needs filling with others like me

Who understand this need too, to break down

Xenophobia’s geographical historical barriers

You and I would never have met otherwise

Zealous in pursuit of this freedom to defend.