Together like an echo

I hear the reverberation

See the reflection

Smell the fragrance

trailing my own scent

I know you feel it

Just as I do

The loving thoughts

I have of you

Together we dance

Among each other’s words

Completing the sentence

Which we’ve been given

By time and memory

Handcuffed by dreams

Tricks of imagination

That keep the fire burning

Of our endless yearning

Together we long

For the elusive

The unattainable

Turning back of the clock

Rewinding the years

To a time and place

Where age was no concern

Obligations feather–dusted

Into another room

Together we draw

What we can with what we have

Sometimes it’s in the art

Sometimes in conclusions

14 thoughts on “Together

      1. No, no, not at all. I just assumed since the other day you mentioned it was a national holiday, so…

        BTW, I remember being with a bunch of SAFs when your new flag and anthem were introduced and a couple had got teary-eyed, as I recall.

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      1. No fireplace to light, but we got 8 inches of snow on Tuesday! I put on my boots and bundled up and took the dogs for a walk. We all had a blast playing in the white stuff. Yesterday it was 50 degrees and rainy, so all the snow is gone now.

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      2. Thanks for sharing Joan. This reminds me of the music we listened to on the Jazz train in Switzerland. Nothing better than live music to get the joy into the experience of Christmas. May I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and I hope that you will have a pleasant year though change is upon us everywhere 😀

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      3. Switzerland has a JAZZ TRAIN??? Oh, baby, I gotta go! One of my favorite holiday memories is from Switzerland–we went to the Festival of the Lights on Thanksgiving weekend in a little town called Lauterbrunen (hope I spelled that right…) Nobody was Christmas shopping, just out enjoying snow and homemade cookies and mulled wine, strings of tiny white lights, mingling with friends and neighbors. Beautiful and completely unforgettable. USA could use some change, but needs to be pointed in the right direction first. No matter what happens, we are here and life is good. Be merry, my friend, smile and enjoy the little things. 🙂

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