I’d rather be with you

I’d rather be with you

Wondering through vacant rooms

Looking at old photographs

Of how it used to be

When we loved with such abandon

All you did was look at me

Just a gentle flick, and like hot wax

I melted, flowing everywhere

I’d rather be with you

In the dark silence of the night

Where we fumbled and stumbled

Over each other’s words

Eventually tossing them out

With the past hurt and pain

Their resurrection would bring

No more tears, all we did was cuddle.

I’d rather be with you

Knowing where we both had been

Then turning down roads untrammelled

Where surprise is an aphrodisiac

Harmonising signs of the zodiac

Connecting our separate worlds

Like the first man on the moon

Anticipating fresh discovery anew

I’d rather be with you.


24 thoughts on “I’d rather be with you

  1. “Surprise is an aphrodisiac” = that’s a wow phrase! And overall, a wonderful write, as I’ve come to expect by now!
    Sometimes I wish we could leave our memories behind with the past…
    Take care, Chevvy, blessings!

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  2. I like “wondering” in first stanza (as opposed to wandering), “fumbling and stumbling” in third stanza, “untrammeled” in fifth stanza. “Where surprise is an aphrodisiac” is indeed a WOW phrase, as Kunal put it. Even old love can be made new again with the introduction of something unexpected. Lovely, Chevvy, just lovely. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment Susan. I think you are right about the subtext but I generally have a number of subtexts that could be read quite differently.😀. However, I’m pleased with your own emotive appreciation of the words!

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    1. There are many emotions and situations that inspire my writing and I’d like readers to make it their own as it relates to them. There is indeed a lot of nostalgia but there’s also hope and belief in the new.
      I’m hoping you’ll add your favourite romantic song to our list (Love is in the air post) to spread the love Marie.😀

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      1. I’ll see what I can do Chevvy. I have so many favourite romantic songs (I am a bit of a cynical romantic, if that’s possible :)), but I believe in spreading the love, so I’ll have a think and come back with something …:)

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      2. That will be great Marie. I guess our music choices are a part of who we are, or aren’t for that matter. I have a very eclectic taste and collection in music not all of which I post. It would be nice to peak into your taste but only if you are comfortable with it. I’d like to believe that someone might borrow one of the songs from our collection for a proposal or wedding hahaha!

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      3. Well I was pleased to hear from one of my readers that her sister had looked at some of my pictures on Egypt ahead of her honeymoon. So you never Know the untold impact you can have with the smallest action. (Of course both positive and negative possibilities)

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      4. She did honeymoon in Egypt and I’m looking forward to seeing the post. So yes – your song could be the one even if just to bring bag nostalgia like we did with Tom Jones.😀

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      5. Oh Ok! I didn’t realise that the honeymoon had already taken place. That’s great! And the inspiration came from you! Wow! Somehow my song seems a little yesterday now, but will still post just as soon as I can decide which one … 🙂
        ahhhh Tom! swoon swoon! 🙂

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      6. I will read this Chevvy. Later today as I’m doing domestic things at the moment.:) My mother went to Malta many years ago and was always singing its praises and so I always felt that I should go. Catch you later! 🙂

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