I’d rather be with you

I’d rather be with you

Wondering through vacant rooms

Looking at old photographs

Of how it used to be

When we loved with such abandon

All you did was look at me

Just a gentle flick, and like hot wax

I melted, flowing everywhere

I’d rather be with you

In the dark silence of the night

Where we fumbled and stumbled

Over each other’s words

Eventually tossing them out

With the past hurt and pain

Their resurrection would bring

No more tears, all we did was cuddle.

I’d rather be with you

Knowing where we both had been

Then turning down roads untrammelled

Where surprise is an aphrodisiac

Harmonising signs of the zodiac

Connecting our separate worlds

Like the first man on the moon

Anticipating fresh discovery anew

I’d rather be with you.


A toast to you

A toast to our anniversary!

two months ago today,

when we tied the knot

at our own alter made

of whispers sweet,

from lips soft and moist-

the beginning of Spring

with it’s new blossoms of promise.

Gone too soon with a dry

hot summer sun, sweltering,

melting, wilting our

freshly picked flowers.

Wish the rain would come

and not stand suspended in a

gathering cloud to fool me,

instead of soaking me wet.

In hope, I will not trust

because I’m not yet despairing.

I’d rather keep faith that

the new seeds will grow

even in arid conditions.

A time will come again

when the hint of drizzle

will swell into a deluge.

For how can it be called rain

when its sky does not meet the plain?

So my window stands open tonight,

hoping to catch the scent of your arrival

with the hint of refreshing vapours

and a promise that you will return.

Spring still flourishes in her abundance

seducing the air with fragrances rare.

But she longs for rain’s loving care

not droplets suspended in the air.

Yes, seasons and climates do change

and we must adapt – but never give up!