Love is in the air

The winter too long

Branches too bare

Shadows too solemn

The air too bleak

And then you hovered

A promising blush

Soft and beguiling

Melting the snow

You warmed my heart

Quickened my pulse

Exhaled my breath

Clouded my judgement

I have fallen for you!


The photograph

A mirrored reflection caught my eye

A black and white picture of you and I

Behind the reflection, rose colored walls

Sounds of love songs echoing down halls

Through the tracks of needles and tapes

Spun out of swelling love and heartbreaks

Time swirled around and streamed through

A broken part of me to a broken part of you

Shared memories linger in that ideal frame

A sequenced montage that calls out my name

As I gaze closely at the photograph once again

I glimpse the anticipation we could not contain

When our favorite song invited us to dance

We seemed to have been captured in a trance

The image keeps us locked in eternal embrace

What happened next, there is no sign or trace

That appears to be the way of sweet dreams

Where the magic is not as perfect as it seems

But as I lay my weary head and return to sleep

I rewind our love song that still makes me weep

The chase


A seduction of words

The meandering images

Of a flooded swollen river

Caught up in your deluge


A blinding sandstorm cloud

Rolling, red desert storm

Left wandering, lost in direction

Beseiged and surrounded by you


Tides keep revolving and turning

Ebbing and flowing audaciously

Tempting invitation to dive in

To be swallowed for love of you


The mountains rise steeply ahead

Taunting, titillating to climb

Each step higher and higher still

Reaching peaks, smothered in clouds


In the falling mists of a rain forest

You ended the chase amidst trees

And lush leaves, elaborately laced

Finally caught in your embrace


Until the next chase



When love chills


Out for a late lunch and so were they,

a perfect family in a corner, facing the bay.

But the imperfections showed in their eyes.

Hers had long lost their sparkle; living lies.


It’s not the first time that I’ve perceived

that faraway look. Can it be retrieved,

the love that surely resided in their hearts

before vows crumbled into isolated parts?


Her eyes held weariness and sorrow captive

in an aging face that was once very attractive.

He nursed his beer, doubtless about its taste,

a scowl crossed his face, somberness-laced.


Had they quarreled or was this just a sign

of a love that had long lost its gleaming shine?

It’s not the first time I’ve seen such desolation

dining out together with very little conversation.


I wonder what happens to marriages like this

when couples feel empty, forgotten their first kiss.

Going through the routines like a clock in machine

even with the blessing of children in between.


As they stand up to leave and pay their bill

I toast to us and take another Sangria refill.

An unsettling sandstorm rolls across the shore

as I join in the laughter behind that closed door.

Summer love affair


I marvel at your perfect splendor,

Your exquisite and complete surrender,

Voluptuous- as you spread yourself out,

Leisurely undress, remove all my doubt.


Languidly loving, time is unreservedly yours.

Arouse all of me into shudders and soars,

Lost in the moment of this blissful rush,

Satiated by your fruit’s temptations, lavishly lush.


I feast my eyes on your untouched curves,

Your sleeping form, munificent preserves.

Ah! the glimmering shimmer, riding in waves.

Drench me, drip away my thirst and my craves.


And when I am drunk on grapes and wines

Whisper in winds, words my soul still pines.

I’ll not leave this place until memory clings

To every sensual desire, satisfaction brings.


Indulge this wanderlust and I promise you this;

I’ll be back for the world’s most seductive kiss!



Pot-pourri fragrance


Without warning

You happened to me.

Or perhaps I hadn’t noticed

Each time you dropped by.


Too busy stubbing out the ashes

Of an increasingly withering old flame

Where a blazing hot fire once burned.


So you sneaked in silently

And traced the shadows of my face

Until I heard the quiet echoes of your voice.


Each day I found a new flower in bloom

Wistfully fragranced to steal away my breath,

Delicate petals of words and wisdom buds.


This handsome, colorful bouquet,

Rose-scented aromatherapy for my soul,

Unlocked the harnesses of my mind.


The mind has a closely guarded door.

He who unlocks it must surely know;

It’s a control room to open all doors.

Nostalgia’s Blues

I remember this little old general farm store,

now with rampant bougainvillea and new red door.

It has been many years that have gone by

preceding its neatly laid paving and painted sky,

when it still carried old brands and signs.

for it’s pioneering character, my heart still pines.

I pause and ponder how life can be,

no longer seeing what I wanted to see.

Where a new year rings the changes,

a new owner comes in and rearranges.

While  a small wispy cloud passes over me,

a new door opens, and I now have a new key.

Still nostalgia’s blues constrict my throat

as memories flood from that same old boat,

with the sentimental feelings I hold dear

from many redefining winds through the year.

Well I remember, standing at the window,

many warm conversations held with you below.

Another cloud passes over and I feel at ease

Other new memories will soon replace these.

One day if we ever meet again and speak

I’ll still remember that very special week.

That spring we spent everyday together,

in blossoming, blushing bright weather.

As I turn to walk away, I wave a fond goodbye

with a single word of “thanks”, I look up at the sky.

It was too late

A heaviness constricted his heart as he pushed and shoved against

swirls of people. Anonymous faces, vacant and blank stares left him

feeling the emptiness of crowds that followed blindly. He searched

desperately for that familiar face.

She was on the train

 wistfully gazing at him,

 wrenching a deep groan.

I knew you when…

I knew you when life was innocent

Like a babe in powder puff blankets

When your eyes still held a sparkle

Like the taste of foreign cuisine

Still distinct and experimentally spicy

When flavors were still imagined

I knew you when we were both lost

Entangled in the undergrowth of youth,

Of woven stems and mysterious brush

When we were free to define a new path

Climb the tallest trees seeking adventure

And envision new horizons’ allure

I knew you when you basked in my glory

When I searched the crowd for your face

Because my crown was ours to share

For all the good loving you vested in me

But best of all, it was that mischievous

Smile, dancing on the edge of your laughter

I knew you when we needed each other

To make our two worlds complete

When the universe was our hidden oyster

A brilliant white pearl, only our love’s secret

When the sound of your voice cocooned me

Then set me free to fly to the furthest skies

I knew you when you loved me deeply

Without mountains challenging us steeply

Time has gone by, seasons have changed

And I realize that I need to know you all over again

Spring has its glory and Autumn its own story to tell

Aphrodites’ dream

Night deprives me of sleep

In daring dreams I keep

Reminiscing love’s fervor,

Ecstasy’s culminating murmur.

The first day of spring forever

A day to fondly remember

Moments suspended in time

In christenings deep and sublime

Head bowed down in holy devotions

Performing all rituals and motions

For deliverance of all rites of passage

In honor of love’s divine message

Breathing new fluttering fragrance

Lighting candles with ardent radiance

Two souls unite in sumptuous splendor

Hearts and minds in replete surrender

Lingering soft touches, and kisses

Fulfilling release of silent wishes

When sun’s new dawn arises

Lovers will reveal new disguises