The element of chance

There is an element of chance

In craving for that one last dance

The one that thrills anticipation

Yet flutters you with consternation

There is that element of a dream

Where it is not all that it may seem

Wonder consumes reality in its hours

Like heat condensed by a flash of showers

There is an element of magic around

Grace catches you without even a sound

Slowly spirals her sage incense in the air

You’re wise, cleansed, nothing left to fear

There is an element of fire in your eyes

There’ll be no more hesitation and empty sighs

The dawn breaks open sparkling rays of light

Bubbling celebrations will fill the dim of night

The element of chance I found waiting for me

Is the same one I’m hoping will set you free.

Still we rise again


in ruthless devastation

yet again we rise

to be a witness

of persevering courage

and forgiving heart

that we too shall rise

brick by brick, each of us can

tear down cemented walls

in spite of the loss

a calm quells the violent storm

Sun rises again

many before us

showed us that Freedom’s way

was paved with love

and untainted faith

that a new day would dawn

lit by a peace lamp

though we may stumble

soaked and riddled with pain

still we rise again

A new world

It’s not the same anymore.

I can feel the silence.

I hear the empty rooms.

I pace the wooden floors.

Vacillating between

Arrays of emotions.

I want to believe,

So earnestly believe!

Then I see the look in their eyes…

Is it fear for them or me?

It gets cloudy and I cannot see.

Then I begin to babble

To block out the deafening silence.

I have to believe!

Be resolute and firm in my belief.

Remind myself of the race

Which I have run,

Crossing so many tracks,

Jumping so many hurdles

Lancing the javelin into the air!

Then hearing the crowds’ applause,

I have to begin, I have to believe!

That a new world has opened its doors.