The silence of the Bush

A silence that stirs and kisses

Whispers deceptively in hisses

Beckoning to enter her depths

Stilling your quickening breaths

She leads you to her inner shrine

A place that loses your track of time

Save the rising and falling of the sun

Your hearts beating together as one

Far from the jungle made of stone

Her brush strokes are for you alone

Where going out means going within

Bringing tranquility to your inner din

Her music is deafeningly loud

Nature’s requiem, a chorusing crowd

Setting the scene and the stage

To free you from your secret cage


More than enough

Just to have loved you

For a lingering while

That is more than enough.

Just that fleeting sojourn

We shared on a forest path

Gave life new meaning

That I needed from you.

Do you remember,

the day that we first met?

The sun steadily drizzling

Through fluttering leaves,

The riotous orchestra

Of harmonious birdsong

As we fell into step.

By your side, nothing to hide

In sheer naked splendour

Our true selves laid bare

Your voice was so gentle

As you took my hand in yours

Guided and sheltered me

From a jungle of thorns.

You gazed deep into my eyes,

Took me back to a place

Where we’d been together

In a distant time and place.

When we reached the river

And your lips touched mine

I heard the rush and the trickle

Of ages gone by, where

This precious moment

Was reminiscent of travels

In Oblivion’s  past.

This was no dress rehearsal

But the real opening act

Of a mysterious drama

Based on historical fact.

So in this moment

of perilous ecstasy

Tranquility found me

And I know for certain

That no other love

Could ever leave me

Feeling quite like this!