Live in full colour

I gave you the arc of a rainbow,

the primaries for your palette.

With each stroke of your brush

I gave you my passion and pain.

I gave you the rising, setting sun,

a reflection of shadow and light,

that gave radiance to your open smile,

flaming–flamboyant or tranquil and demure.

I gave you the variable moon,

the glow and dim of your feelings

that rise and fall with the tides–

sea–change of life, never static!

I gave you all of my creation–

infinitely vivid and varied in colour,

to inspire you to reciprocate–

the depth of the love I gave to you.

No matter the tint or the hue,

I want so much from each of you.

Move from the shadows: into the light.

Extend beyond tones of black and white.

I gave my life to you, live it in full colour!

Autumn’s Bounty

When I leaf through

the pages of my seasons,

I revel in Autumn’s shades,

the ambers and blush,

the yellow and gold

of bliss-filled abundance.

The fragrance of life,

undertones of florals and spice,

intoxicate me into a daze

of bewildering vistas,

of places I have been

and people I have seen.

This moment I have paused

to take stock of it all

and remind myself to

be grateful. Not for

stocks and bonds : for

those I have none –

It’s in the talents I’ve been given

to turn brown leaves to gold

and stack wood for the cold,

that abundance has found me.

Hard days and nights I’ve travelled

from where I once began.

Now as cold winds blow,

fire crackles in merriment,

cheered by warm hearts

upon whose rungs I have stood.

I see the greatest gift of all

in those surrounding me.

Autumn leaves roll out new seasons.