Finding abundance

When you look within

You will find true abundance

The power to glow


I wonder

As I roll back the years

Turn back the clock

Wipe away my tears of regret

I wonder

Were you ever really happy?

I’ve forgotten your smile

Something rare, seen once in a while

I wonder

What were you thinking

With the voices inside your head

That played havoc with your moods?

I wonder

Do you have the answers

To all the things that I seek?

Is it your voice, that calls me in my sleep?

I wonder

Was it written in the stars?

For your life to end that way

Never saying goodbye on that solitary day

I wonder

When I look up at the stars

Was it you who just winked at me

Reassuring me with your glimmering light?

I wonder

Will you blow out a candle

On this day when your life began

When you received your deck of cards?

I wonder

Was it you who held my hand

All those times when I felt so forlorn?

Is it you who leaves gifts for me everyday?

Perhaps I shouldn’t wonder – I already know.

When I gaze into the mirror and see you looking back at me.

I’m thinking of you

Thrown from your routine–

Where each sunrise brings purpose,

Suddenly alone

I think of you

As bags are packed–

Traffic exodus of crowds,

Silence now too loud

I think of you


Behind tears of loneliness,

Festive observer

I think of you

Who for the first time–

Must sleep on that double bed,

You always shared

I think of you

Hoping and praying–

That you will dress in seasons,

Where time comes to pass

I think of you

See your smiling face–

As you slowly realize,

I’m thinking of you

He is always thinking of you too.