Live in full colour

I gave you the arc of a rainbow,

the primaries for your palette.

With each stroke of your brush

I gave you my passion and pain.

I gave you the rising, setting sun,

a reflection of shadow and light,

that gave radiance to your open smile,

flaming–flamboyant or tranquil and demure.

I gave you the variable moon,

the glow and dim of your feelings

that rise and fall with the tides–

sea–change of life, never static!

I gave you all of my creation–

infinitely vivid and varied in colour,

to inspire you to reciprocate–

the depth of the love I gave to you.

No matter the tint or the hue,

I want so much from each of you.

Move from the shadows: into the light.

Extend beyond tones of black and white.

I gave my life to you, live it in full colour!

The fruit of his charm


As he may seem,

He is the Don Juan–

The seductive charmer,

Dipping into the nectar

Of all his conquests.

Jostling and nudging–

They wink and flirt

With a slight lift of the skirt

He is there in a flash

Collecting his stash

Tasting her sweet honey.

Unashamedly to the next,

He propagates the seed

Of the next generation.

So, it no longer seems


When we all enjoy–

The fruit of his charm