Love is the word

In a dream you came to me

whispering that word

the resonance that found us

when it was just you and I

The word that bound us

across  oceans and sky

in that place where you waited

time ticking, endlessly

Until I opened my window

saw your footprints in the sand

the smile you’d left me to find

with that word that belongs to you

The dream still lingers in my wake

in the last message you crafted

contrasting the shadow and light

cupid’s arrow, threw my heart

I’m hoping to see beyond my tears

when love brings you back to me.

It’s all in that word that means: the

same thing is happening to you and me.


You and I

I’ve hidden special trinkets for you

Along the journey we’ve travelled

Just you and I

I’ve retraced my footsteps

Always finding  you behind

When it was just- you and I

We walked upon mountain peaks

Basked in the glow of an ocean sun

Together- just you and I

In a world brimming with people,

Our music was the melody of nature’s sounds

A symphony playing – just for you and I

I’ve seen you come and go in confusion

As we balance our lives with illusion

Of a world – with just you and I

There’ve been times when you’ve been silent

I’ve known and understood the reason why

It was always about – just you and I

I follow the footpath again and I recall

The invitation for a dinner for two

Special requirements- for you and I

I’m hoping you’ll find all the trinkets

I’ve hidden especially for you

Down pathways-just for us two

The colour of your name

Now I see

Life in abundance.

Through you, I am so blessed,

Destiny’s guide, my soul-mate, clear as



This form of poem is called a SIDLAK – Thank you Quirky for sharing with us.

Its structure comprises syllables of 3/5/7/9/  with the last line being a colour to give you a total of five lines.

The last line must be a COLOUR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer. Life comes in different shades and hues. The colourful the merrier. Try it out with your true colours.

This is a special dedication to my dear friend Christel whom I met 3 years ago on a Jazz train in Switzerland and from the pavement in GStaad, she has been an inextricable part of my life ever since. Christel,you see me as no one else can – in my true colours. With lots of love – Chevvy

   For you: one day we will cry me a river on the Hudson🌹

Let synchronicity find you

I often wonder what it was

that brought you my way.

What supreme force divined

or obstructed your path

or accelerated the time

that led you to my door?

A moment of boredom,

a delayed appointment,

a search for a special word?

Was it something I said ?

Did my longing resonate

with yours suppressed?

Perhaps it was a prayer

I spoke into the universe

that was caught by the wind,

or swept through the tide,

or flickered in the same star

that we were both looking at.

Was it necessary to err a little,

to lose my way for you to find me?

Did I hear your lament

for something more, in your quest

for new sweeping landscapes

with panoramic views?

Perhaps ours is just to let it be:

that far greater plan for you and me.

Salt of my tears

The salt of my tears washed with the sea

As I swam to the horizon searching for me

I tumbled with the waves in fluctuating emotion

Deep-diving into mysteries of a rapturous ocean

Astounded by the array of creatures I found

The resplendent beauty held me spellbound

Genuflecting to the greatest artist of all time

Creator of love, of all that is pure and divine

Lost and found midst the kaleidescopic vortex

Fresh understanding stirred in my visual cortex

Of a beauty and wonder I had never seen before

My soul floated by, a bright light leading to a door

There in the secret chambers, on the ocean’s floor

I found a glimmering scroll, engraved with my score

A tally of my life’s account and the outstanding balance

With budget notes, on how to offset the sum of my talents

Then I heard a voice so tender and profound

Encouraging me to finish the race to higher ground

Intense feelings of sorrow left me feeling bereft

For a moment I felt helpless as I wept and wept

Gently he took my hand, leading me back to the air

Sharing my burden, telling me I had nothing to fear

God in all his wisdom, would honor my every need

Splashing out of the water, my soul majestically freed!