What ifs

These questions that gnaw at me,

nibbling at the joy that life brings,

feeding me with cheesy excuses,

muddling doubts, impotent fears,

stealing glitter off golden moments,

when I should have been totally here,

not wondering on my own out there–

an exile behind my own prison walls.

What if this is what was meant for me

all along, complete with every crack,

every blemish that prizes the antique,

aspired by most but afforded to a few.

What if I had made an irrevocable error–

taking the bus and not boarding the train,

believing that life had to ride the highway

instead of pausing at each station en route?

What if there were no what ifs to choose–

where automation usurped my controls,

clipped my wings so that I could not fly?

Would I be the me that has reason to be?

What if I told you that this is exactly it?

I’m just where I need to be, here with you?

It’s in the the stars my love, in the stars!

Thank you to Marie from ComeFlywithme for the prompt to write this poem


When Reason leaves

She wavers a while

Knows she should stand guard

Has felt the pain before

But she has a Rival

Passion is not her friend

He descends in Don Juan style

Sweeps her out the door

Yesterday’s dust that had settled

Residue of ashes from old fires

Caught off guard in the moment

She savoured its forbidden taste

Intoxicated by its delirious fragrance

She faints again and again

There are no smelling salts

To revive her back to sanity

Once more the fool

When the music plays again

A piped tune, she’d follow to the end

Into the abyss of regrets

Where guilt bites hard, a rabid dog

Infecting her with madness

Until the face in the mirror

Becomes a stranger

Lost to who she thought she was

Passion has his way with her

Even when she tried to say no

It was merely a whimper

He chose not to hear

Because her actions spoke

Much louder than her words

Reason would find her once again

In the drunken gutters

When the party had ended.

The Magic is always near

Sometimes you know the Magic is near

It somersaults and pirouettes in the air

Announcing that someone special is there

She knows how to bring a smile to your face

Generous in spirit, not frilled behind the lace

A heart so warm, filled abundantly with space

She once waved her magic wand to the star

And spotted me amidst the milky way from afar

Soul to soul chemistry, that’s just how things are

When you reach out and touch what you can’t see

You know that this was always destined to be

That we’d touch each other’s lives and hold a key

Unlocking memories, the mysteries of our dreams

Because we know that it’s not always as it seems

We are to each other as the river to the streams

So here I stand raising my glass and saying cheers

Wishing you many blossoms and harvesting years

And if you cry today, let it be with joyful tears


Together like an echo

I hear the reverberation

See the reflection

Smell the fragrance

trailing my own scent

I know you feel it

Just as I do

The loving thoughts

I have of you

Together we dance

Among each other’s words

Completing the sentence

Which we’ve been given

By time and memory

Handcuffed by dreams

Tricks of imagination

That keep the fire burning

Of our endless yearning

Together we long

For the elusive

The unattainable

Turning back of the clock

Rewinding the years

To a time and place

Where age was no concern

Obligations feather–dusted

Into another room

Together we draw

What we can with what we have

Sometimes it’s in the art

Sometimes in conclusions

The perfect match…

Some blow in on a gusty hurricane wind

Plunging our lives into unpredictable havoc

Blowing up a tempestuous storm in our hearts

Leaving our emotions strewn in chaotic shreds

Some are like a simmering stew on the stove

Constant in their wholesome food for the soul

Wafting the aromas of country-fresh living

Making us feel the nostalgia of warm comfort days

Some sit with the sorrowful eyes of an old stray cat

Shivering in need of attention and stroking affection

Giving you the pleasure of a Florence Nightingale

Fulfilling your purpose, adding meaning to your life

Some sit as a clock on the old oak mantelpiece

Passing the time, counting the hours and seconds

Each day they’ll take you through your daily routines

Every Wednesday you’ll kiss and cuddle then fall asleep

Others crackle and burn in the living room fire

Warming and consuming you with leaping flames

The passion is intimately real and all reason is lost

And you want to die when the embers reduce to ash

You ebb and flow into my life,an endless surging tide

Swirling and twirling with my feelings every moment

At high tide you swoop me into dangerous adventures

Then you take my mind with you into receding waters

No guessing as to which one of you I would choose

I know that trying to find the perfect match, I would lose.

From your pen

Silky smooth and slick

Lines of vivid expression

Seduced every page

Ink, dark and fluid

Dripped with blood from your heart

Fine calligraphy

With pregnant pauses

Emphasizing boundless love

Nursing every sheet

With delicate care

Loving words everywhere

The book now complete

Your pen has run dry

A scratchy erratic scrawl

Nothing more to give

The pages yellow

In a book rarely opened

Of a love gone cold

I know

I know the yearning feelings of you.

I know your hunger to feel heard,

Wishing your dreams would come true,

To take flight and feel free as a bird.

I know the longings of your heart,

I know how years may seem wasted,

You ache to make a fresh start

Instead of new words, cut and pasted.

I know in choices you feel trapped.

I know loneliness, when you’re not alone,

When it seems your life is already mapped

And dark nights feeling on your own.

I know how desperately you seek the light

I know how conflicting it is, searching for more!

As sun steadily rises, new hope is closer in sight!

Our eyes vigilantly waiting for a new opening door.

I’ve learnt that choices, I alone must make.

Not so easy when roads fork, only one I must take!


   the torrential rush–

   the merging of two rivers

   caught in collision,

   tumbling, falling,

  submerged and subsumed–

  then the stream faltered

  into a trickle,

  leaving only the salt

  of tears long dried out.


 the bouy bobs and drifts,

 still afloat

 in a small pond.

She catches a sob,

wiping the lonely tear

before it falls for him


I love all of you

Some people blow into your life

like a gust of wind, fanning flames

to live dangerously.

You have done that to me.

Some people glint on sun rays

bringing shining light and warmth,

filling your heart with love.

You’ve given that to me.

Some people drift in like soft rain

sprinkling your thirsty soul,

helping you feel whole again.

You’ve saturated me.

Some people glide and slide

skating in snow and on thin ice,

testing the adventure in you.

You’ve taken those risks with me.

Some people glow in the dark

shadowing moon- ambience’s light,

they serenade you with music’s delight,

You’ve sung those high notes to me.

Some people dress for changing weather

Teasing me in playing hide and seek,

they hang on to my every word

searching for my hidden truth.

I love all of you


Dressed in dark suits

All of them wearing dark shades,

Their obligation

Complete for the day.

It was a great funeral

Lots of people there.

Some came to greet you

Gave you a pat on the back,

For a job well done.

Did they understand

The pain you were going through?

Did they even care

What  the cause of her death was?

How long she’d been ill?

And what about you?

Did they truly understand

Your well crafted speech?

You spoke of your loss

The void, utter loneliness,

Of your love dying.

You cried out for help

But they did not hear.

Then they were all gone.

I felt your pain…I knew…